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Knowing The Difference Between An Informative Speech And A Persuasive Speech

Cobol stands for COmmon Business-Oriented Language. This is a programming language that has been around since the early 60’s. Yet, it is still used by a lot of huge businesses. Why would businesses stick with Cobol when there are plenty of newer and more powerful object oriented languages?

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Make notes about the bride and when she first met her groom. Record funny stories or informative speech topics comments she made as they began their relationship. Did she first think he was dreamy or geeky, a catch or a trekkie?

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This is my personal favorite and my area of specialty. Public speaking is the fastest, easiest, most fun and least expensive way to promote yourself and your business. And, it’s the most effective because you get immediate results. People see you as the expert, they instantly get to know you and get a good feeling about you. There are tons of opportunities and venues where you can speak on your topic of expertise and get tremendous exposure for you and your business.

It’s commonly known that many people fear public speaking more than they fear death. The feeling of butterflies-in-the stomach is all too familiar for many, even for the most experienced of speakers.

When you are sending out the invitations for your book club party be sure to include that you would like everyone to bring and inspirational book to the party. They will need to know that they will be giving it to someone else, so it should be an important book to them, but one that they have read already and really appreciated. They should also write a small informative speech topics about why the book that they picked is so inspirational. When they arrive at the party, you can have each of them read their speech and then put the books into a big basket in the center of the room. Have everyone pick a number out of a hat. You can draw the numbers on sheets of paper. Then go in order and let each person pick a fantastic book that will make them feel even more grateful than they already are.

How can you handle the situation when you feel like you came for one show and got another? You can always sit through the speech and listen to them the whole way through. You should sit there and think about questions that you would like to answer to try to turn it into what you came for. For those who do not have that much patience for situations like these, you may just want to learn to walk away. However, if you leave after you have spent the money on the tickets, you lose out double. It is always recommended that you take out a short writing pad and you jot down some thoughts. Then during the question session, you can bring all the questions up and the speaker will try to justify their speech.

Use jokes effectively. Make sure the joke is at an appropriate place in your speech, one where it will make sense, and where you can take a natural pause in the speech to allow the audience to laugh after the joke is delivered. The pause will also allow for emphasis, and pauses can be used throughout the speech IN MODERATION. Make sure pauses are placed within the speech after a point has been made, and where the audience needs a second to think about what was said.

I hit the incongruency wall as I built up my games business. Parts of my work were STS like sales and marketing Other parts were STO good informative speech topics like writing free articles and coaching other developers But each part seemed to be separate. I’d usually either be doing STS work or STO work. I’d even try to balance my time between the two of them.

Use famous speeches. Famous speeches of history can be used as a resource for you to get ideas from. Most famous speeches are well written. If you study some of them this is a sure way to improve your craft of writing a informative speech topics for college.

First there’s the STO-favoring side. Serving others requires the “death of the self.” The ego is seen as something which must be transcended. In order to become enlightened, one must sacrifice one’s own needs to serve the greater good. Many societies hold people who seem to fit this model in high esteem.

When trying to earn money from your dorm room, don’t just follow these examples, brainstorm. Be creative and exploit your talents, anything can make you money. You never know, your dorm room money maker may turn you into an entrepreneurial master mind!

17th Tonbridge Scout & Guide Band – Open Morning

When: Saturday 6th May 9am -11am

Where: Hayesbrook School, Brook Street, Tonbridge

Come along and see what the band gets up to, have a go on our instruments and see what it’s like to march with the Band.

It’s FREE and open to all young people aged over 7, just drop us an email to confirm you’re coming to

Click to check out our Facebook page


GOLD 2017

Each year Girlguiding UK works with other Guide and Girl Scout organisations to develop and support the movement across the world through Guiding Overseas Linked with Development (GOLD). At the beginning of October 2016, I attended Go for GOLD, a weekend camp with 70 other ladies wanting to learn more about and apply for a place on a GOLD trip.

The 2016 Go for GOLD weekend was held in Pontyclun, Wales. Basically, when I packed for the weekend, that’s all I knew. Go for GOLD weekends are designed to be a bit of a surprise to see how you handle the things you might not expect. I’d found someone through facebook to share a tent with, I’d booked train tickets from London and looked up the weather – rain, obviously. That’s literally all I could plan for!

I waited for my train with anticipation. It turns out you stand out like a sore thumb with a huge rucksack in uniform and bumped into someone else to share the journey with. Each time we made a change to a connecting train we met others on their way to Go for GOLD and eventually took up the majority of one carriage with all our kit!

We were ferried to the camp site in a mini bus arriving in darkness with rumbling tummies and headed into the hall for dinner.

And because it’s all got to be kept as a surprise, that’s basically all I can tell you!

Whilst sitting at work in December I had an email pop up on my phone, subject ‘GOLD 2017 Selection Outcome’. I’m very pleased to say it was the outcome I wanted and I’ll be off to Estonia in September 2017!!

So far I only have a few details but know that I’ll be working with my team of 5 others to grow Guiding in Estonia, delivering programmes to encourage more young ladies, equivalent to the current senior section, training as leaders to facilitate more Guide units. I’ll find out more at my first briefing in early March.

As for the Go for GOLD weekend, like all Guiding activities I learnt loads and made many new friends, some of whom I’ll see again soon. The weekend isn’t only about GOLD trips though, it’s a great way to push yourself a bit out of your comfort zone and learn more about opportunities through Guiding. You make your application to GOLD during the weekend once you’ve heard more about it so definitely go for it – Go for GOLD!

Amy Wheeler
Assistant Leader at 6th Tonbridge Guides

#ForTheGirl since 1910

Girlguiding is changing the world for girls

Tonbridge Dragon Boat Racing

Tonbridge Division needs you!

Date: 11 September 2016
Venue: Tonbridge Town Centre
Age limit: Minimum 15 years
Team size: 17-20 members


If you are interested in taking part in the Dragon Boat races in a Girlguiding boat, please contact Victoria Emerton (13th Tonbridge Brownies): By: 1 June 2016

There is no charge to be in the GG Dragon Boat team, but team members can be sponsored with half monies raised to go towards the Sue Cackett fund, and half to a charity of their choosing.